Thursday, March 6, 2014

Swiss Chard with Bacon & Eggs

I confess to having a soft spot for a good old “American Breakfast,” eggs, bacon, and home fries with toast and jam! But I seldom have it because it is so hearty and has a bad reputation…something about not being very healthy. Here is my recommended alternative. It makes a tasty breakfast and is also very satisfying as a light dinner. In place of those artery clogging fried potatoes we’re using chard and garnishing the dish with a little Meyer lemon relish. The bacon, lemon and chard are a perfect match for fresh eggs!

More on Rising Prices and Inflation

Last month I talked about the rising cost of a favorite bottle of French wine. Only six dollars thirty years ago, the same bottle now costs $20. Assuming steady inflation, it could cost over $60 in 2044. I joked that the solution to the inflation problem is not to drink more wine now while it’s cheap. A friend responded, “That made me laugh, until I realized I might not be able to afford it in the future!”

The effects of inflation really hit home when we stop working and expenses increase faster than income. You might ask, how do I “know” inflation will continue in the future. Last month, I cited some statistics on historical inflation. This month, I’d like to examine some of the factors driving inflation.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Inflation: What's the Problem?

Some time ago, I remember being able to find a delicious bottle of French wine for six dollars. Now the same wine, from the same winery, costs $20. Is it really over three times better than it was back then? Obviously not! It is just more expensive. Welcome to inflation. Rising prices erode purchasing power, making us poorer over time. Inflation becomes a huge concern for anyone who is retired or planning for retirement.

Seashell Pasta with Peas & Pancetta

When it comes to food my tendency is to want everything as
fresh as possible and made from scratch. This gets me into a lot of work! I was drawn to make this dish by convenience (ok, I was feeling really lazy.) Walking through Trader Joe’s I spotted a 10-ounce package of shucked English peas. They were consistently sized and not too big. Inspiration was at hand!